NEON - Northern Europe Cloud Computing

Reviewing the cloud promises

The aim with the NEON project is to review the promises and summarize the overall offering cloud computing could give to the Nordic eScience community .

through hands-on experiments

The project includes pilot tests to get real performance and cost data as well as real hands-on user experience.

NEON giving Cloud Workshop at NOTUR, Bergen, May 19 - Apply Now!

Introduction to cloud computing

This tutorial is designed for users who want to get tan introduction to cloud computing. It covers simple tasks such as obtaining credentials, starting and bundling virtual machines and using cloud storage. It will also illustrate the differences between the various types of cloud (private and public). Middleware components in the cloud such as large tables, queues and notification services will also be explained. Finally, there will be an interactive 1-2 hour part discussing possible example applications. Attendees must bring their own laptop, preferably Linux or OS X based and with wireless connectivity. Maximum number of attendees is 20.

Link to meeting

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